Protecting charities from harm: compliance toolkit

How to safeguard your charity from terrorism, fraud and other abuse.

Guidance, tools and other resources to help charity trustees put in place good standards of governance and accountability in place to safeguard their charities from terrorism, fraud and other forms of abuse.

This toolkit is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to manage risks and protect your charity from harm.

Chapter 1

Advice and information on key aspects of the UK’s counter-terrorism legislation and how it may affect charities and their work.

Chapter 2

Sets out trustees’ legal responsibility to carry out due diligence checks on donors, beneficiaries and local partners and how to monitor end use of funds.

Chapter 3

Helps trustees and other charity managers to be aware of the risks, to recognise some of the most common types of fraudulent activity and to devise ways to prevent fraud occurring.

Chapter 4

Practical advice for trustees on risk management factors and the need for appropriate financial controls and audit trails.

Chapter 5

Guidance on how charity trustees, staff and volunteers can protect their charities from abuse by anyone encouraging or condoning extremism, terrorism or illegal activity.

Published 3 September 2013