Pollution inventory reporting

The pollution inventory (PI) provides information about releases and transfers of substances from regulated industrial activities.

The PI includes reporting on annual emissions of certain substances to air, controlled waters and land, and off-site transfers in wastewater and waste.

You must report to the PI if you:

  • operate under a Part A (1) Environmental Permit and have received a notice under Regulation 60 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010
  • operate a sewage treatment works with a capacity at, or over, 100,000 population equivalents (PE)
  • dispose of radioactive waste to air, water or sewers covered by a permit issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010
  • run an opencast mine or quarry with a surface area over 25 hectares, or an underground mine and related operation (no capacity threshold)

Returns must be submitted by 28 February of each reporting year. You can use the Environment Agency’s online reporting system, or complete and return a paper reporting form.

Resource efficiency

Operators are no longer required to report resource efficiency data as part of their PI return. If you do submit data, it won’t be used for any purpose.

For some sectors, there may be a specific benefit in continuing to collect resource efficiency information. Where this is the case, the Environment Agency will work with the relevant operators or trade associations to explore other options for collecting this data, for example through trade association corporate and social responsibility reporting schemes.

Pollution inventory: guidance notes

General and sector specific guidance on how to carry out PI reporting and the information you need to provide.

  1. Pollution inventory reporting: guidance notes

    • Guidance

Pollution inventory: submit electronic return

Use the Environment Agency’s online Pollution Inventory Electronic Data Capture (PIEDC) system to submit your data. The system will check your information for mistakes, automatically fill in standard fields and allow you to look at information you have provided in previous years.

The PIEDC online system opens for reporting on 1 January each year. The deadline for submitting your PI data is 28 February each year.

The PIEDC system opens in a pop-up window so make sure your pop-up blocker is switched off.

If you think that some of the information you submit to the pollution inventory is confidential:

  • tick the box in Part 1 of PIEDC
  • provide justification text for your claim
  • tick the confidentiality box next to the appropriate lines of data
  • send any supporting documents to your site inspector

The Environment Agency will make a decision on your claim for confidentiality within 20 days from the date of your application, or within a longer period if agreed.

If you don’t enclose a written justification for each item included in the confidentiality claim, they are likely to reject it immediately.

Access the PIEDC system.

  1. Pollution inventory reporting: using the PIEDC system

    • Guidance

Pollution inventory: forms for paper returns

Forms to report PI data. Use these forms if you can’t use the online PIEDC system.

There is no charge for pollution inventory reporting.

Information submitted will be held on the Pollution Inventory, which is a public record of pollution levels in England.

Contact the Environment Agency if you have any questions:

Telephone: 03708 506 506 see call charges


  1. Pollution inventory reporting form

    • Form