PM visit to Africa

Prime Minister Theresa May leads an ambitious three-nation trip to Africa.

The Prime Minister visited South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya for the first time with senior ministers and a wide-ranging trade delegation.

The three-day trip to Africa was her first visit to the continent as Prime Minister.

This is a time of enormous change across Africa with a unique opportunity, as the UK moves towards Brexit, for a truly Global Britain to invest in and work alongside African nations, with mutual benefits.

General announcements

Announcements related to the overall trip will appear here:

  1. Theresa May to lead ambitious three-nation trip to Africa
  2. Scotch Whisky Association joining PM on first trip to Africa
  3. UK launches ambition to generate billions more investment in Africa to trigger transformational growth
  4. UK to open new embassies in Chad and Niger
  5. Space sector to benefit from multi-million pound work on UK alternative to Galileo
  6. British expertise boosts innovative solar technologies across Africa
  7. UK boosts innovative business in Nigeria’s poorest states to improve incomes for 3 million people
  8. Ambitious new Innovation Partnerships with African countries
  9. PM announces ambition for UK to be largest G7 investor in Africa by 2022
  10. UK to support economic growth in Africa by offering City of London expertise
  11. New UK support to boost long-term stability in Somalia
  12. PM confirms consultation on plastic bag charge to go ahead
  13. UK announces major investments in future of African youth through education and voluntary family planning
  14. UK aid helps farmers across Africa grow their businesses and protect livestock
  15. PM announces more than £300 million worth of deals with African nations

Announcements in South Africa

Articles related to the South Africa visit will appear here:

Announcements in Nigeria

Articles related to the Nigeria visit will appear here:

Announcements in Kenya

Articles related to the Kenya visit will appear here:

Published 28 August 2018
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