OFSI General Licences

Details of General Licences issued by OFSI

Date Issued Licence number Details Regime Publication notice General licence link
5.12.2022 INT/2022/2469656 Oil Price Cap Russia NA PDF
5.12.2022 INT/2022/2470256 Wind-down Russia NA PDF
5.12.2022 INT/2022/2470056 Correspondent banking and payment processing Russia NA PDF
5.12.2022 INT/2022/2470156 Oil Price Cap: Exempt Projects and Countries Russia NA PDF
17.11.2022 INT/2022/2300292 Payments to utility companies for gas and electricity by UK designated persons who own or rent properties in the UK Multiple PDF PDF
10.11.2022 INT/2022/1919908 Funds of non-designated third parties involving designated credit or financial institutions Russia PDF PDF
04.11.2022 INT/2022/2349952 Transactions related to agricultural commodities including the provision of insurance and other services Russia PDF PDF
02.11.2022 INT/2022/2339452 Truphone telecomms services Russia PDF PDF
31.10.2022 INT/2022/2252300 Legal Services Russia Republic of Belarus PDF PDF
28.10.2022 INT/2022/2305324 Securing Energy for Europe Russia PDF PDF
17.10.2022 INT/2022/1552576 LCIA payments Russia Republic of Belarus PDF PDF
22.08.2022 INT/2022/2104808 Bank Fees Russia PDF PDF
18.08.2022 INT/2022/2009156 Permitted Payments to UK Insurance Companies Multiple PDF PDF
22.08.2022 INT/2022/1845976 Crown Servants, Contractors, and their Family Members Russia PDF PDF
16.08.2022 INT/2022/2085212 Mongolia Energy Payments Russia PDF PDF
07.07.2022 INT/2022/1947936 Humanitarian activity Russia   PDF
30.05.2022 INT/2022/1875276 Telecommunications Services and News Media Services Russia PDF PDF
30.05.2022 INT/2022/1834876 Charities and Interim Managers and trustees Russia PDF PDF
23.05.2022 INT/2022/1839676 Russia Travel for UK nationals Russia PDF PDF
13.05.2022 INT/2022/1678476 Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V – winding down, basic needs and insolvency Russia PDF PDF
05.05.2022 INT/2022/1710676 Evraz North American Subsidiaries Russia PDF PDF
27.04.2022 INT/2022/1679676 Law Enforcement and Regulatory Authorities Asset Recovery Russia PDF PDF
21.04.2022 INT/2022/1630477 Gazprombank Energy Payments Russia PDF PDF
09.03.2022 INT/2022/1322576 Provision of navigational data to civilian aircrafts for flight safety Republic of Belarus PDF PDF
01.03.2022 INT/2022/1280876 Russian Banks: UK, Guernsey and EU subsidiaries - Basic needs, routine holding and maintenance and the payment of legal fees Russia PDF PDF
01.03.2022 INT/2022/1280976 Regulatory Authorities – Prudential Supervision or Financial Stability Russia PDF PDF
19.07.2021 INT/2021/554388 Emergency payment(s) directly or via an intermediary to Belaeronavigatsia for air traffic services Republic of Belarus PDF PDF
01.01.2021 INT/2020/059 Payment(s) out of non-frozen funds to certain Crimean Sea Ports Russia PDF PDF

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Published 1 January 2021
Last updated 5 December 2022 + show all updates
  1. GL Oil Price Cap INT/2022/2469656, Oil Price Cap Wind-down INT/2022/2470256, Correspondent banking and payment processing INT/2022/2470056 and Oil Price Cap: Exempt Projects and Countries INT/2022/2470156 added

  2. Removed INT/2022/2055384 - expired

  3. Amended Truphone general licence INT/2022/2339452

  4. Added OFSI General Licence INT/2022/2300292.

  5. General Licence INT/2022/1919908 was added to the table.

  6. Amended Truphone GL INT/2022/2339452

  7. Expired licence INT/2022/2307324 removed

  8. Updated with INT/2022/2349952

  9. Updated DP details on Truphone GL

  10. Links updated

  11. Updated with INT/2022/2252300

  12. INT/2022/2305324 Notice Link updated

  13. Added OFSI General Licence INT/2022/2305324 and OFSI General Licence INT/2022/2307324

  14. Added GL INT/2022/1552576

  15. Correction re-added INT/2022/1947936 and INT/2022/1845976

  16. Expired licences removed : INT/2022/1947936, INT/2022/1968500, INT/2022/1845976

  17. amended GL INT/2022/1280876

  18. Expired licences INT/2022/1919908, INT/2022/1495176 and INT/2022/1469378 removed. HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 26/09/2022 added. HM Treasury Notice, Libya, 26/09/2022 added.

  19. Amended GL INT/2022/1281876 with Guernsey and EU subsidairies

  20. Added General Licence and notice

  21. Added General Licence and Notice for INT/2022/1845976

  22. Added extension to GL INT 2022/1710676

  23. Amended GL INT2022/2009156

  24. added Mongolia energy payments general licence

  25. Removed expired INT/2022/1976232

  26. Updated with INT/2022/2009156

  27. Updated with 'General licence - INT/2022/2002560'

  28. Removed expired GLs

  29. Updated with INT/2022/1947936

  30. Added GL INT/2022/1976232 and GL INT/2022/1976332

  31. Updated with General licence - INT/2022/1968500

  32. removed expired GL INT/2022/1277877

  33. Updated with INT/2022/1919908

  34. Removed expired GL football matches

  35. Updated with 'INT/2022/1875276'

  36. Updated with INT/2022/1834876

  37. Added GL INT 2022/1839676

  38. Added General Licence INT/2022/1678476

  39. Removed expired licences

  40. Updated with GL INT/2022/1710676

  41. Updated with the Expired General Licences link.

  42. Updated with: OFSI General Licence INT/2022/1679676

  43. Updated with General Licence INT/2022/1630477

  44. Updated notice for GL INT/2022/1424276

  45. Updated with GL INT/2022/1469378

  46. Updated with OFSI General Licence INT/2022/1438977

  47. Updated with: INT/2022/1424276 and INT/2022/1424277.

  48. Updated with OFSI General Licence INT/2022/1381276

  49. Updated with amendment to GL INT/2022/1277778

  50. Updated with General Licence INT/2022/1327076

  51. Updated 'OFSI General licence - INT/2022/1322576'.

  52. Updated with General Licence – Publication Notice: INT/2022/1298776

  53. OFSI General licence - INT/2022/1272278: The General Licence was amended on 07 March 2022 to update the references to UK legislation and expand the definition of a subsidiary.

  54. Updated with 'GENERAL LICENCE – Wind Down of Positions Sberbank INT/2022/1298776'

  55. Updated with OFSI General Licence INT/2022/1277877.

  56. Updated with 'OFSI General Licence INT/2022/1280976' and 'OFSI General Licence INT/2022/1280876'.

  57. General Licences INT/2022/1277777, INT/20221277778, and INT/2022/1277877 added

  58. Updated with 'INT/2022/1272278'

  59. Updated with general licence INT/2021/554388

  60. First published.