Driving test changes in 2017

The driving test changed on 4 December 2017 to make it a better assessment of the ability to drive safely on our busy, modern roads.

About the changes

Find out about the 4 main changes to the driving test.

  1. Driving test changes: 4 December 2017

Risk assessments

Risk assessments have been carried out on the changes to the driving test.

  1. Driving test changes: risk assessment
  2. Driving test changes: RoSPA risk assessment

Consultation about the changes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) ran a public consultation about the changes between July and August 2016.

Find out about the plans that were set out and the responses that were received.

  1. Improving the car driving test
  2. Driving test changes: plans revealed to improve road safety

Trialling the changes

DVSA trialled changes to driving test at 32 driving test centres during 2015 and 2016.

Find out how the trials worked and what the research found.

  1. Evaluation of the impact of the new driving test
  2. Improving the driving test: summary of research findings
  3. Improving the driving test
  4. New driving test trial: numbers of instructors and learner drivers

Impact of the changes

Find how changes to the driving test made affected driving lessons and driving after passing.

  1. Driving test changes in 2017: impact evalutation
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