Vehicle Certification Agency: new commercial models

Options for finding a private sector partner to form a joint venture with the Vehicle Certification Agency.

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The market engagement exercise has concluded. See the Vehicle Certification Agency’s website.

These documents provide details of the market engagement exercise that was launched in 2013 to consider new commercial models for the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA).

Background information on a VCA market engagement and procurement exercise

VCA is an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT). It has been supporting the automotive industry since the early 1970s.

Through its motoring services strategy, DfT agreed to assess how VCA could contribute to the wider economy, whilst continuing to provide a trusted, high-quality service. The department recognised the need for VCA to support economic growth and vehicle manufacturing and further meet the needs of the automotive industry.

In 2013, DfT announced plans to launch a market engagement competition to test the preferred option of a joint venture with a private sector partner. In November 2014 the government announced that the competition had not been successful in identifying a suitable joint venture between VCA and a commercial partner.

Published 15 August 2013