Morecambe Bay Investigation records

Official records relating to the Morecambe Bay Investigation.

These documents provide the official records relating to the Morecambe Bay Investigation’s policies and procedures, information given to families, information about the interview programme, and recruitment as well as records relating to the report of the Morecambe Bay Investigation.

The government has also published records from the open interview sessions, correspondence with interested organisations and others, and the transcripts and papers from the Panel meetings.

Redactions to these documents are made in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The publication of records is now complete.


  1. Morecambe Bay Investigation records

    • Independent report
  2. Morecambe Bay Investigation: open interview records

    • Independent report
  3. Morecambe Bay Investigation: correspondence records

    • Independent report
  4. Morecambe Bay Investigation: correspondence with families and MPs

    • Independent report
  5. Morecambe Bay Investigation: minutes of panel meetings

    • Independent report
Published 21 March 2017