Migration Advisory Committee reports: analysis of the impacts of migration

Migration Advisory Committee's analysis report about the impacts of non-European Economic Area (EEA) migration.

This collection contains the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC)’s research analysis reports on the impacts of non-EEA migration to the UK. The collection also includes advise on using the evidence in cost-benefit analysis of migration policy decisions.

The MAC has also published six external reports - research projects published in 2012 to inform this work.

Views expressed in these reports reflect those of the contractors and not necessarily those of the MAC.


  1. Analysis of the impacts of migration
  2. Impact of migration on crime and victimisation
  3. Impact of migration on the consumption of education and children’s services
  4. Impact of migration on social cohesion and integration
  5. Impact of migration on UK public services
  6. Impact of migration on access to housing and the housing market
  7. Impact of migration on transport and congestion
Published 1 January 2012