Managing the risks from terrorism

These documents help businesses meet their security and resilience needs.

The publications below are designed to meet the security and resilience needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

They include clear diagrams, easy-to-follow step-by-step help, links to useful websites and checklists that will help businesses identify and address their security and resilience needs.

Further information is also available in the Recognising the terrorist threat information from NaCTSO.

Other useful documents are:

Business continuity and security

  1. Counting the cost

    • 25 November 2014
    • Guidance
  2. Expecting the unexpected

    • 25 November 2014
    • Guidance
  3. Secure in the knowledge: building a secure business

    • 17 January 2011
    • Guidance
  4. Security considerations for requests to photograph sites

    • 2 July 2014
    • Guidance


  1. CCTV guidance

    • 30 April 2009
    • Guidance

Protective security advice for businesses outside the UK

  1. Counter terrorism protective security advice for your business outside the UK

    • 1 January 2011
    • Guidance