London 2012 meta-evaluation

This series brings together all documents relating to London 2012 meta-evaluation

The London 2012 meta-evaluation pulls together the results of monitoring data, evaluations, and research of individual legacy programmes, projects and initiatives, and uses these along with cross-cutting research, such as a large programme of stakeholder consultation, to assess the overall legacy and impacts of the Games.

The work is carried out by a consortium led by Grant Thornton, including Ecorys and Loughborough University, Oxford Economics and Future Inclusion and has also received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to further methods in this field.

The London 2012 meta-evaluation is split into phases, and we have published 5 reports in the publications section of this page, below:

  • Report 1: Scope, research questions and data strategy
  • Report 2: Methods
  • Report 3: Baseline and counterfactual
  • Report 4: Pre-Games interim evaluation
  • Report 5: Post-Games initial evaluation

Meta-evaluation methods

Due to the innovative nature of the London 2012 meta-evaluation, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has also part-funded this project to enable it to make a contribution to advancing meta-evaluation methods.

As part of this funding, we have published research into meta-evaluation methods, and lessons learnt during the London 2012 meta-evaluation project..

Beyond the main publications, we have published several surveys and pieces of research related to the Games which contribute to the meta-evaluation.

These include:

  • A media research paper, investigating the impact of the Games on print media regarding disability, the reputation of the UK and perceptions of East London
  • A survey of participants in Inspire projects, drawing together the views of more than 2,000 participants to ask about their awareness of the programme and its impact on their views and behaviour.
  • A short summary of a survey of Games Makers – assessing the impact of the Games on volunteers.
  • A survey of the host boroughs - collecting information on residents’ views, behaviours and attitudes related to the Olympics and Paralympics Games being hosted in their boroughs.

You can view all of these documents on the Meta-evaluation: related research series page.


Please email Alex Wilkinson if you want to find out more about this project.


Published 19 July 2013