Land use change statistics

This collection brings together all documents relating to land use change statistics.

These statistics show the amounts and location of land changing use in England.

They provide a way of monitoring development such as changes to residential use. They also provide information on the percentage of new dwellings built on previously-developed land and non previously-developed land, the percentage of housing development in flood risk areas, on agricultural land and in the green belt and the density (dwellings per hectare) of new housing.

The methodology used to produce land use change statistics is changing. Guidance detailing these changes can be found in land use change statistics: methodology changes guidance.


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Live tables

  1. Live tables on land use change statistics

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Archived publications

  1. Land use change statistics in England: 2011

    • National Statistics
Published 10 November 2012
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  1. Added land use change statistics in England and live tables for2013 to 2014. Also added quality assurance assessment.
  2. Land use change statistics England: provisional estimates for 2011.
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