Job sharing in the Civil Service

Information about the Civil Service job share finder, and other resources for staff interested in working as a partner in a job share.

The Civil Service job share finder is open to all civil servants to help you find a job share partner. You must register to use it. Once registered the system automatically begins searching for matches with other registered users by the following terms:

Looking for jobs

People looking for job shares

  • on level transfer or
  • on promotion or
  • on level transfer and on promotion

Current substantive value

People with your current substantive grade. You should also be aware that for people looking for promotion this automatic search facility will also give matching results for people at the next grade and you will also receive matching results of people at a grade below yours if they are looking for job shares on promotion.


You will only select your home department when you register but the site will automatically find matches for you from all departments in the Civil Service.

In addition to this automatic matching facility you can also search for people who have registered manually by the following terms:

  • department
  • government profession
  • region
  • role or area of expertise
  • policy area
  • start date of when you would like to begin a job share

Job share blog

The Civil Service blog has case studies showing the variety of job share partnerships as well as news and events from the Job Share Network.


There is also a LinkedIn community for civil servants who are in a partnership, or who are interested in working in one.

Job sharing guidance

Published 17 March 2015