Intelligence and Security Committee: special ad hoc reports

This series brings together ad hoc reports from the Intelligence and Security Committee.

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) publishes ad hoc reports. These include government responses and ministerial statements to Parliament.


  1. Foreign involvement in the critical national infrastructure: government response
  2. US PRISM: GCHQ's alleged interception of communications
  3. Foreign involvement in the critical national infrastructure
  4. Communications data: access by the intelligence and security agencies
  5. London terrorist attacks on 7/7: review of the intelligence
  6. Rendition: report by the Intelligence and Security Committee
  7. Report into the London terrorist attacks on 7 July 2005
  8. The handling of detainees in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and Iraq
  9. Iraqi weapons of mass destruction: intelligence and assessments
  10. Inquiry into intelligence prior to the Bali terrorist bombings
  11. PM: review of the intelligence for 7/7 London terrorist attacks
Published 21 August 2013