Ministry of Defence Integrated Review Command Paper

The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy will define the government’s vision for the UK’s role in the world over the next decade.

The UK’s departure from the European Union is an opportunity to define and strengthen our place in the world at a time when the global landscape is changing dramatically, including as a result of COVID-19.

To achieve this, the Government has launched the Integrated Review, an ambitious initiative which will:

  • define the Government’s ambition for the UK’s role in the world and the long-term strategic aims for our national security and foreign policy
  • set out the way in which the UK will be a problem-solving and burden-sharing nation
  • set a strong direction for recovery from COVID-19, at home and overseas, so that together we can “build back better”.

The Review will cover all aspects of international and national security policy, such as defence, diplomacy, development and national resilience.

The Integrated Review is being led by the Prime Minister with the National Security Council, and is a whole-of-government effort with colleagues from across Departments, including Defence, contributing. The guiding principle of the Integrated Review is to ask ourselves what the threat is and whether we have the capability to meet it.

Watch our video about the Integrated Review.

Read the full Integrated Review explainer video transcript.

Defence Command Paper

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Published 14 September 2020
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