Integrated care: documents and guidance

Guidance and information on integrated care.

Integrated care is the delivering of services across primary and secondary care, mental and physical health, and health and social care.

The examples below show how Monitor and others are working to support the sector to deliver better integrated care.

Delivering better integrated care

What delivering better integrated care means and how Monitor is supporting the sector.

Integrated care licence condition

Find out what is expected of NHS providers in relation to the integrated care licence condition and where we may take action.

You can also ask a question or make a complaint about the licence condition.

Payment approaches

There are different payment approaches that can be adopted to help ensure services and care are integrated. This collection looks at payment approaches to support new care models.

External tools, resources and publications

Further reading on integrated care from other organisations.

  1. Integrated care: tools, resources and publications
Published 22 July 2015