Independent providers of NHS services: documents and guidance

Guidance and information for independent providers of NHS healthcare services.

Events and webinars

Find out more about Monitor’s upcoming events and webinars for independent providers of NHS healthcare services.

Independent provider bulletins

Newsletters sent to licensed independent providers of NHS healthcare services.

  1. Independent provider bulletin: March 2016
  2. Independent provider bulletin: February 2016
  3. Independent provider bulletin: November 2015
  4. Independent provider bulletin: October 2015
  5. Independent provider bulletin: September 2015
  6. Independent provider bulletin: August 2015
  7. Independent provider bulletin: July 2015
  8. Independent provider bulletin: June 2015
  9. Independent provider bulletin: May 2015
  10. Independent provider bulletin: April 2015
  11. Independent provider bulletin: March 2015
  12. Independent provider bulletin: February 2015
  13. Independent provider bulletin: January 2015
  14. Independent provider bulletins: 2014

Provider licensing

As an independent provider of NHS healthcare services, you need an NHS provider licence unless you’re exempt. Details of licensed independent healthcare providers are published in Monitor’s register.

Monitoring and enforcement

If you don’t comply with a condition of your licence, or if you provide NHS services without a licence when you should have one, Monitor can take action against you.

Procurement, choice and competition

Monitor’s role is to make sure that procurement, choice and competition operate in the best interests of patients and to step in if anti-competitive behaviour by NHS commissioners or providers goes against patients’ interests.

Read more guidance and information about NHS procurement, choice and competition for healthcare providers and commissioners.

The NHS payment system

Monitor and NHS England invite you to take part in shaping the development of the NHS payment system. You should read these guidance documents.

You can find out more in this collection of publications on the payment system.

  1. NHS National Tariff Payment System 2016/17: a consultation document
  2. Approved costing guidance

Integrated care

Integrated care is ‘joined-up’ care that helps organisations work across traditional boundaries to provide care and support that meets the needs of patients and service users.

Developing your strategy

You can request joining our LinkedIn Strategy and Development Planning group to discuss management issues and best practice.

About Monitor

  1. About Monitor: an introduction to our role
  2. Monitor's strategy for 2014 to 2017
  3. Monitor’s annual plan for 2014/15
  4. Closing the NHS funding gap: how to get better value healthcare for patients
Published 22 May 2014
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  1. Added an update on the tariff arrangements for 2015/16.

  2. Bulletins now grouped by year.

  3. The first edition of the Independent Provider Bulletin has now been issued.

  4. Added further clarification on who may comment on the consultation on the proposals for the 2015/16 National Tariff Payment System.

  5. We've added new guidance on mergers and transactions to the collection.

  6. Add the NHS National Tariff Payment System 2015/16: engagement documents

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