HS2 Independent Construction Commissioner

Seeking fair and independent resolution of complaints related to the construction of HS2.

The High Speed Two (HS2) Independent Construction Commissioner’s role is to provide independent decisions and mediate, between the project and individuals or bodies, in unresolved disputes about HS2 Phase One construction work.

About the HS2 Construction Commissioner

How to make a complaint relating to HS2 construction work

If you are concerned about HS2 construction work or its impacts and would like to make a complaint, the first step is to contact the HS2 helpdesk.

HS2 helpdesk

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd
Two Snowhill
Snow Hill Queensway

B4 6GA

As a result of restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we strongly recommend you contact us by email or phone. We may not be able to access or respond to enquiries received via post. The helpdesk team are unable to transfer calls internally to HS2 Ltd members of staff.

How to contact the HS2 Construction Commissioner

For cases where a response to a complaint raised in this way is unsatisfactory, or remains outstanding, the government has appointed the HS2 Construction Commissioner.

You can contact the Commissioner by telephone or email.

HS2 Construction Commissioner

What the HS2 Construction Commissioner does

The HS2 Construction Commissioner provides a fair and balanced approach if a case cannot be resolved through the normal HS2 complaints process and in cases where a response to a complaint is unsatisfactory, or remains outstanding.

The Commissioner also acts as an arbitrator for the Small claims scheme in the event that a dispute cannot be resolved through the normal process.

Additionally, the HS2 Construction Commissioner provides advice to members of the public on how to complain.

The Commissioner reports on activities and makes recommendations to HS2 Ltd on how complaints may be minimised or reduced.

What the HS2 Construction Commissioner cannot do

The HS2 Construction Commissioner’s role does not cover:

  • complaints that have not first been considered by the nominated undertaker’s/HS2 Ltd’s helpdesk
  • complaints relating to works that are not part of, or associated with, the HS2 project
  • complaints relating to planning conditions and other matters that are subject to the approval of statutory authorities
  • matters considered by Parliament in approving the project
  • matters dealt with by the Office of Rail and Road, and operational rail matters dealt with by train operating companies and passenger watchdogs
  • matters under investigation by the Health and Safety Executive
  • complaints relating to property compensation issues
  • claims for losses over £10,000
  • complaints relating to settlement deeds (see Information paper C3: ground settlement and Information paper C10: small claims scheme for further details)
  • the future operation of the HS2 railway or services
  • matters relating to HS2 Safeguarding Directions

You may consider that the decision the Independent Construction Commissioner (ICC) makes on your claim (under the ‘HS2 small claims scheme’) or construction complaint is wrong, or you may believe the ICC or HS2 Ltd acted unfairly in dealing with either your claim or complaint. In those circumstances, you could ask a Member of Parliament (MP) to refer your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO).

Construction Commissioner reports

Response to Construction Commissioner’s report


The information papers here detail how the HS2 project will engage with people interested in Phase One (London to the West Midlands). In particular, Information paper G3 sets out information on the HS2 Independent Construction Commissioner.

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