Global Britain: delivering on our international ambition

This page brings together the main documents that set out the government’s vision for Global Britain.

The UK has always taken a leading role in responding to global challenges and in making the most of opportunities for our country. However information and influence are dispersed and contested amongst many more actors, both state and non-state. This, and the pace of change in an ever more challenging global environment, inevitably have a significant impact on how the UK government projects influence and protects its national interests.

The shifting global context, a new relationship with Europe, and the need to deliver more with finite resources, requires us to evolve and enhance how we achieve our goals. We need to use government assets more cohesively and efficiently to maintain our global standing. Global Britain is about reinvesting in our relationships, championing the rules-based international order and demonstrating that the UK is open, outward-looking and confident on the world stage.

Evidence in response to parliamentary enquiries

How UK foreign policy responds to an ever more challenging global environment: February 2018 memorandum for the International Relations Committee

The government’s vision of Global Britain and the role of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in supporting and enabling government departments to deliver this vision: March 2018 memorandum for the Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Prime Minister's speeches

Foreign Secretary's announcements

National Security Capability Review

Previous Prime Minister's speeches

Previous Foreign Secretarys' announcements

Published 13 June 2018
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