Landing obligation (discard ban)

Guidance on the landing obligation (discard ban), how the rules apply, selling undersize fish, reporting requirements and quota management.

The landing obligation (discard ban), as with all other European Union fisheries legislation, continues to apply to UK vessels and waters.

2018 guidance for fishermen

  1. Landing Obligation - General requirements 2018
  2. Pelagic landing obligation 2018: Guidance
  3. Demersal landing obligation 2018: Guidance

2017 guidance for fishermen

2016 guidance for fishermen

  1. Pelagic landing obligation 2016: Guidance
  2. Demersal landing obligation 2016: Guidance

Rules on handling undersize fish

  1. Guidance for ports, markets, agents and other businesses

Fishery specific guidance

  1. North West Waters landing obligation 2016: Guidance
  2. North sea landing obligation 2016: Guidance

Policy statements

  1. Allocation of additional Quota in England
  2. Quota management flexibilities for England
Published 19 October 2015
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