Fisheries Challenge Fund

The fund provided funding for short-term projects that looked at fisheries management issues and is no longer open to applications.

The funding was provided to projects to develop sustainable fisheries. Projects also have to look at a fisheries management matter that is relevant to part of the UK fishing industry.

More research projects are available from The National Archives.

Completed projects

  1. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Fishing Spatio-Temporal Pressures and Sensitivities Analysis for MPAs
  2. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Impact of scallop dredging: design and evaluation of dredge modifications to minimise contact between bag and sea-bed
  3. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Pilot project to investigate the survival rates of discarded cuttlefish
  4. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Does phytoplankton abundance control shellfish success in Poole Harbour?
  5. Fisheries Challenge Fund: A sustainable fishing plan for the Farne Deeps nephrops fishery
  6. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Importation of live lobsters into the UK – An assessment of disease transfer to European lobsters
  7. Fisheries Challenge Fund: The social impacts of marine conservation zones on the North Devon inshore fishing fleets
  8. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Mapping European lobster movement and habitat use via acoustic telemetry – Implications for management
  9. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Impact of bait collecting in Poole Harbour and other estuaries within the Southern IFCA District
  10. Fisheries Challenge Fund: An initial investigation into the contribution of a novel artificial surf reef to sustainable fisheries
  11. Fisheries Challenge Fund: Distribution, abundance and temporal variation of the Pacific oyster in Poole Harbour
Published 11 June 2014