ESF for families with multiple problems: Progress Measures

ESF for families with multiple problems: Progress Measures


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Providers will support individuals through a series of individual and family-based progress measure activities that are substantial interventions that address an individual’s most significant barriers to work and also provide back to work support to assist participants to gain sustained employment.

The problems faced by individuals/families will necessarily vary between localities and in order to be effective, progress measures should reflect these local and family needs. Providers are expected to liaise with Local Authorities, strategic and local partners and put together progress measures they think would be suitable for individuals within the Contract Package Area. Progress measures will demonstrate that providers are aware of the specific problems, issues and barriers faced by families in their area and should be tangible, specific and reliably evidenced by the Providers.

Progress Measures must include as a minimum, but are not limited to, those that fall under the following areas:

  • Interventions to Overcome Family Related Barriers - this might include support for effective parenting, providing positive role models/peer support, engaging with family stakeholders for example schools and JCP and support for needs related to children, where these needs are a barrier to an individual finding work etc; Reducing Social and Economic Isolation - this might include addressing debt and money management, increasing knowledge of the labour market, confidence in dealing with support agencies etc;

  • Interventions to Tackle Work-Related Barriers - this might include developing vocational skills, work related certification and courses, volunteering, involvement in social enterprises, work experience, improved information technology experience / knowledge, self-employment etc;

  • Addressing Health- and Housing-Related Barriers - this might include participation in a substance rehabilitation programme, active and constructive engagement with health promotion services, permanent accommodation etc.

Progress measures must encompass progression in the four areas set out above. However providers may offer, in addition, other appropriate and substantive progress measures.