Enterprise Bill

A series of publications relating to the Enterprise Bill.

The purpose of the Enterprise Bill is to:

  • make sure that Britain is the best place in Europe to start and grow a business and that people who work hard have the opportunity to succeed
  • cut red tape for business, encourage investment in skills, and make it easier for small firms to resolve payment disputes by setting up a Small Business Commissioner


  1. Enterprise Bill: second reading
  2. Anna Soubry introduces the Enterprise Bill (video)
  3. Business backed by new Enterprise Bill


  1. Enterprise Bill: summary factsheet
  2. Institute for Apprenticeships: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  3. Apprenticeships (data sharing and spending): Enterprise Bill factsheet
  4. Small Business Commissioner: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  5. Better regulation and the business impact target: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  6. Better regulations and reporting duty: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  7. Primary authority: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  8. Public sector apprenticeship targets: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  9. Make apprentice a protected term: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  10. Late payment of insurance claims: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  11. Business rates and a new appeals system: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  12. Business rates and Valuation Office Agency data sharing: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  13. Industrial Development Act: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  14. Pubs Code and adjudicator: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  15. UK Green Investment Bank: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  16. UK Government Investment Limited: Enterprise Bill factsheet
  17. Public sector exit pay: Enterprise Bill factsheet

Impact assessments

  1. Enterprise Bill: impact assessment
  2. Small Business Commissioner
  3. Deregulation: extension of the business impact target
  4. Primary authority: simplifying and extending the scheme
  5. Protecting the term 'apprenticeship': impact assessment
  6. Late payment of insurance claims


  1. Small Business Commissioner role
  2. Protecting the term apprenticeship
  3. Industrial Development Act 1982: revision
  4. Consultation on a Public Sector Exit Payment Cap
  5. Primary Authority extension and simplification
  6. Reforming business rates appeals: check, challenge, appeal

Other documents

Published 17 September 2015
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  1. Factsheets on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships (data sharing and spending) added.
  2. Factsheet on devolving Sunday trading rules added.
  3. Added new factsheets for the Pubs Code and adjudicator, UK Green Investment Bank and UK Government Investment Limited.
  4. Added 'Enterprise Bill: Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee - government response'.
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