England Coast Path: Allonby to Whitehaven

Find out about the progress of improving coastal access - including maps, process and timing - in Cumbria.

Maps of the route

The 35 km stretch of the England Coast Path (ECP) from Allonby to Whitehaven is now open to the public.

Coastal access rights came into force along this stretch of coast on 11 April 2014 by Order of the Secretary of State.

These maps show the route of the ECP along this stretch of coast and the adjoining land that is coastal margin, as approved by the Secretary of State on 18 July 2013. The route can also be seen on the National Trails website.

Stage of progress

Stage 5: Open

If you are planning a walk on the ECP, please check our interactive access maps for details of local access restrictions and coast path diversions which may apply at certain times.

Coastal access rights normally apply to all land that is coastal margin - including any land seaward of the route - unless it falls into a category of excepted land.

Route alteration near Micklam Farm

A change to the rights of way network in the vicinity of Micklam farm allows for a slightly different route to be followed by coast path walkers in the short to medium term.

  • 17 December 2012 - Natural England published its proposals for improved access to the Cumbrian coast between Allonby and Whitehaven

  • 18 July 2013 - these proposals were approved by the Secretary of State

  • 10 May 2013 - a definitive map modification order had been made confirming the addition of a public bridleway to the definitive map of public rights of way between point A and B near Micklam Farm.

Natural England considered proposing that the ECP should follow the disused mineral railway (that now carries the bridleway) between points A and B , but chose not to do so due the apparent likelihood of a development on land at Micklam farm that seemed likely to affect that part of the route.

As the proposed development has not yet got underway, Natural England does not intend to undertake establishment works to the approved route of the ECP between points A and B until the situation becomes clearer. Should the development not proceed, Natural England will consider proposing a variation of the approved route, to align the ECP between A and B with the recently confirmed public bridleway. Any such variation proposal would be subject to the formal process of objections and/or representations, before being considered for approval by the Secretary of State.

Natural England’s report to the Secretary of State (which does not feature any modifications) is still available to view.

Use the links below to see details of the Secretary of State’s decision to approve Natural England’s proposals and for guidance on your rights and responsibilities if the England Coast Path passes through your land.

Find out more about the England Coast Path

See information about all stretches in preparation around England’s coast.

The coastal access scheme gives details of the process being followed to improve access to the coast.

Contact the coastal access team

Contact Natural England with any comments, suggestions or queries you have about improving coastal access.

Coastal access (North west)

Natural England
Murley Moss Business Village
Oxenholme Road


See the map below for more information about progress on improving coastal access in other parts of the north west of England.

Published 11 April 2014