Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: related documents

These documents are related to the draft Investigatory Powers Bill.

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill will transform the law relating to the use and oversight of investigatory powers.

The draft bill will do 3 things:

  • it will bring together all of the powers already available to law enforcement and the security and intelligence agencies to obtain communications and data about communications
  • it will radically overhaul the way these powers are authorised and overseen:
    • it will introduce a ‘double-lock’ for interception warrants, so that, following Secretary of State authorisation, these - and other warrants - cannot come into force until they have been approved by a judge
    • it will create a powerful new Investigatory Powers Commissioner to oversee how these powers are used
  • it will make sure powers are fit for the digital age: it will make provision for the retention of internet connection records for law enforcement to identify the communications service to which a device has connected

The Investigatory Powers Bill was introduced to the House of Commons on 1 March 2016. New overarching documents and draft codes of practices are available for the Investigatory Powers Bill.


  1. Draft Investigatory Powers Bill
  2. Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: overarching documents
Published 4 November 2015
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