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These statistics present information on parking badges for disabled people in England (“Blue Badges”), including numbers of valid badges, applications and medical assessments. Blue badges remain valid for three years so figures include rolling totals for badges on issue. The data are derived from the department’s annual survey of local authorities issuing blue badges.

Latest blue badge statistics

On 31 March 2013:

  • the total number of blue badges held was an estimated 2.58 million, a decrease of 54 thousand compared to 2011.
  • 4.8% of the English population held a valid blue badge
  • of the total, 40% of badges were issued without further assessment, 59% were subject to further assessment and 1% were issued to organisations.
  • the overall decrease in badges held between 2011 and 2013 was driven by a decline of 6.4% in the number of badges held ‘subject to further assessment’.

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Please note, this team only deal with disabled parking badges statistics. If you wish to apply for a disabled parking badge please visit apply for a blue badge or contact your local authority directly.

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Technical information

The blue badge survey is not compulsory and in each year some authorities do not provide figures. Data provided by local authorities can also vary in quality between authorities and from year to year. Local authorities use different systems to record the data and follow different procedures and practices. This should be kept in mind when interpreting and using the statistics.

Where no data are available for an authority, data are estimated to produce aggregate totals for England or regional level. Due to difficulties in obtaining robust estimates in some cases, aggregate totals are currently not produced for some questions. The nature of the estimation also means that minor revisions to back-data can occur, although trends are unlikely to be affected substantively.

Further information can be found in the guidance

Blue badge statistics beyond 2012

The Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) is a new service that has been available to all local authorities in England since 1 January 2012. It provides a number of core services, including a central database of all Blue Badges on issue. The introduction of BBIS has implications for the future collection of Blue Badge statistics. Further information is available.

National statistics

All of the statistics published in this series are National Statistics. Disabled parking badges statistics was assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in February 2013.

Assessment report
Letter of confirmation

Figures at local authority level are less robust and are outside the scope of National Statistics.

Pre-release access list

The post holders given access to these statistics up to 24 hours prior to release are available in the pre-release access list.

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Publications released during 2013

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    • 17 December 2013
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Publications released during 2012

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Publications released during 2011

  1. Blue badge scheme statistics: 2010/11

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Data tables associated with this series

  1. Valid blue badges issued and held (DIS01)

    • 17 December 2013
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  2. Blue badge applications and assessments (DIS02)

    • 10 November 2012
    • Statistical data set
  3. Blue badge withdrawals, prosecutions, lost and stolen badges (DIS03)

    • 17 December 2013
    • Statistical data set

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