Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for local government

Guidance for local councils during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Business and charity support

Through the Plan for Jobs, the whole of the UK government is focused on protecting, supporting and creating jobs across the country as the UK emerges from the pandemic. Guidance and support on jobs is available for employers, individuals and businesses, as well as those who are business owners, self-employed or job seekers.

Compliance and enforcement

Council, public and community buildings


Funerals and care of the deceased

Homelessness and rough sleeping


Local government finance and funding

Local government remote meetings

National restrictions

Parks and public spaces

A guide on the Principles of Behaviour Change Communications, written by the behavioural science team at Cabinet Office, lays out how government communicators can use a behavioural approach to design and implement effective communications campaigns, including on behavioural science application to local communication on safety in public spaces such as parks.

Planning and building safety


Public health

The latest data and insights on vaccinations, cases, deaths, healthcare and testing are available on the official UK government website for data and insights on coronavirus (COVID-19).

Social media assets are available on the Public Health England (PHE) coronavirus resources centre.

A Check Before You Share Toolkit is available on the DCMS blog, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s blog. This provides people with the tools and knowledge they need to help counter false information within their communities.

Schools and education

Information on coronavirus testing and how schools and colleges are encouraging participation is available on The Education Hub – the Department for Education’s blog.

A letter to secondary school and college parents in England on continuing regular COVID-19 testing from Gavin Williamson, then Secretary of State for Education, is also available on the blog.

Guidance: Advice on community testing: supporting critical workers in education

Shielding and volunteering

Social care




PHE has published an employer toolkit for employers to support their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This provides employers with resources to run an internal awareness campaign to help ensure their employees get access to reliable and accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The NHS has also published information on the number of COVID-19 vaccinations provided by the NHS in England.

A wide range of creative social media materials on COVID-19 vaccinations is also available on the PHE coronavirus resources centre.

Published 3 November 2021