Existing contracts related to nuclear decommissioning

Contract documentation for activities across NDA's estate

NDA’s role is strategic: we establish the overall approach, allocate budgets, set targets and monitor progress. Activities across our estate are carried out by a workforce of approximately 18,000 who are employed by private-sector Site Licence Companies (SLCs).

NDA manages the contracts with Site Licence Companies and, in some cases, Parent Body Organisations.

Sellafield Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority on 1 April 2016. See new model for managing Sellafield Limited.

Dounreay Site Restoration Limited

  1. Dounreay nuclear licensed site: Parent Body Agreement

    • Corporate report
  2. Dounreay Site Licence Company Agreement

    • Corporate report

Low Level Waste Repository Limited

  1. Low Level Waste Repository Limited: Parent Body Agreement

    • Corporate report
  2. Low Level Waste Repository near Drigg: Site Management and Operations Contract

    • Corporate report