Businesses and individuals: competition law guidance

CMA guidance on steps businesses and individuals can take to comply with competition law.

Some of this guidance was originally published by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and has been adopted by the CMA board. Please see individual publication pages for full details.

Also available:

Competition law and your business

  1. Competition law risk: a short guide

    • Guidance
  2. Limiting risk in relation to competitors’ information

    • Guidance
  3. Cartels and leniency: information for businesses and individuals

    • Guidance
  4. Competition law checklist: identify where your business is at risk

    • Guidance
  5. Cartels: policy for witnessing and reporting

    • Guidance
  6. Company secretaries: advice on competition law

    • Guidance
  7. Guidance on the CMA’s investigation procedures in Competition Act 1998 cases: CMA8

    • Guidance
  8. Competition law case studies

    • Case study
  9. Competing fairly in business: at-a-glance guide to competition law

    • Guidance
  10. Small businesses: how to comply with competition law

    • Guidance
  11. Competition law and how it affects businesses

    • Guidance
  12. Advice for company directors on avoiding disqualification

    • Guidance
  13. How your business can achieve compliance with competition law: OFT1341

    • Guidance
  14. Competition and consumer laws for business: OFT911

    • Guidance
  15. Business drivers of compliance and non-compliance with competition law: OFT1227

    • Guidance

Accountants and auditors

Company directors

Advertising of estate agents' fees

Care home medicines

Commercial vehicles

Company secretaries

High-strength alcohol schemes

Online sellers

Private medical practitioners

Supply of school uniforms

Trade associations

Estate and letting agents

Published 25 September 2014