Coastal communities

How government is helping coastal communities flourish as places to live, work and visit.

The UK coastline plays a vital role in the economy, history and culture of our country. The government is helping coastal communities flourish and strengthen their appeal as places to live, work and visit.

Coastal Communities Fund Round 5

The Coastal Communities Fund is currently closed for new applications. Funding goes to projects over £50,000 that will ultimately lead to regeneration and economic growth whilst directly or indirectly safeguarding and creating sustainable jobs.

47 Coastal Communities Fund Round 5 projects worth £50.7 million were announced in 2018. The Coastal Communities Fund: round 5 progress report details the progress of the 47 projects.

Since 2012, the Coastal Communities Fund has invested over £182 million in 178 projects in England (£229 million in 369 projects UK-wide).

See details of projects which were funded in rounds 1 to 4.

Coastal Revival Fund

Over £3.8 million (£3,804,193) of Coastal Revival Fund has been awarded to 92 successful projects in 2018-19 that will help to bring coastal areas ‘at risk’ heritage and community assets back into economic use. It is closed for new applications.

This fund could start the regeneration of a much loved building or asset such as pier, park, 1930’s lido or promenade.

Since 2015, the Coastal Revival Fund has provided over £7.5 million to support 184 projects in coastal areas to help kick-start regeneration of ‘at risk’ coastal heritage that has the potential to create opportunities for new economic uses. See details of past projects.

Coastal Community Teams

The first Coastal Community Teams were set up in 2015. Since then £1.46 million has been provided to 146 teams around the British Coast.

Find the Team in your area on the map.

Coastal teams work to unlock barriers to economic development and create sustainable economic growth and jobs. Find out about each Coastal Community Team and read their plans

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