Catalogue of investigation reports, safety digests, and urgent safety advice

RAIB investigation reports, safety digests, and urgent safety advice by year of publication.

RAIB produces a report on every accident and incident that has been the subject of a full investigation. Each report sets out the facts of the occurrence, describes the investigation process and the evidence gathered, provides an analysis of the events surrounding the accident and sets out our conclusions and recommendations.

We may publish a safety digest (previously known as a bulletin) after we complete our preliminary site examination into an incident, and decide not to carry out a full investigation.

This could be for any of the following reasons:

  • the safety learning has already been covered by a previous recommendation or will be addressed by an ongoing investigation
  • the safety learning mainly relates to compliance with existing rules, procedures or standards
  • the safety learning has a narrow application

RAIB issue urgent safety advice when we wish to quickly communicate important safety learning and/or when we have identified the need for a particular risk to be urgently addressed.


Published 12 March 2015