BIS economics papers

This series brings together all documents relating to BIS economics papers

BIS places analysis at the heart of policy-making. The department makes analysis and evidence base publicly available through a series of economics papers that set out the thinking underpinning policy development.

Older BIS economics papers can be found on the National Archives website


  1. Benchmarking UK competitiveness in the global economy
  2. Industrial strategy: UK sector analysis
  3. UK trade performance across markets and sectors
  4. Small business access to external finance
  5. Innovation and research strategy for growth
  6. Supporting evidence for the higher education white paper (2011)
  7. International trade and investment: the economic rationale for government support
  8. Productivity and the economic cycle
  9. Completing the single market: economic consequences for the UK and the EU
  10. Manufacturing in the UK: economic analysis
  11. Manufacturing in the UK: supplementary analysis
  12. The framework for economic growth: supporting evidence
  13. The framework for economic growth: summary of supporting evidence
  14. Trade growth in the UK and across the world
  15. Understanding regional differences in economic growth
Published 26 October 2012