Ad hoc statistical analysis 2012 – quarter 3

In here you will find links to DWP additional statistical analyses that have not been included in our standard publications.

The publications listed here are ad hoc DWP statistical analyses that have not been included in our standard publications.

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  1. Workplace Pensions Reform
  2. Automatic enrolment: pension participation volumes
  3. Workplace Pensions Reform
  4. Automatic enrolment: pension participation
  5. Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance
  6. Work Capability Assessments
  7. Work Capability Assessments
  8. Hardship awards in 2011/12
  9. State Pension outcomes September 2011
  10. Council Tax Benefit: recipients by passported status and benefit, age and local authority - April 2012
  11. Incapacity benefits and Disability Living Allowance: main condition of alcohol or drug abuse Feb 2010 to Nov 2011
  12. Work Programme referrals, attachments and Jobseeker's Allowance sanctions
  13. Incapacity Benefits
  14. Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit recipients: statistics by country, region and local authority, March 2012
  15. Dormant pension pots
  16. Families receiving benefit or tax credit in Great Britain
  17. Support for Mortgage Interest within Income Support and Jobseeker's Allowance
  18. Housing Benefit statistics: recipients aged under 25 by local authority, March 2012
  19. Estimates of the number of people facing inadequate retirement incomes
  20. Early feedback from claimants at risk of benefit cap in April 2013
  21. Workplace Pension Reform
  22. Work Choice referrals
  23. Work Programme: analysis of early entrants
  24. Young people entering employment from the Work Programme
  25. Incapacity Benefits: deaths of recipients
  26. ESA: leavers from the support and work related activity groups
  27. ESA assessment phase durations
  28. Employment and Support Allowance appeal outcomes
  29. ESA: Atos recommendations and post-appeal WCA outcomes
Published 21 September 2012