Ad hoc statistical analysis 2011 – quarter 4

In here you will find links to DWP additional statistical analyses that have not been included in our standard publications.

The publications listed here are ad hoc DWP statistical analyses that have not been included in our standard publications.

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  1. Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations within the Work Programme
  2. Access to Work Regional Performance, 2010/11 (tables)
  3. Housing and Council Tax Benefit recipients: country, region and local authority, June 2011
  4. Remploy performance: December 2011
  5. Mortgage Interest recipients in part-time employment
  6. Support for Mortgage Interest: Budget 2011 forecasts
  7. Housing Benefit by Local Authority: June 2011
  8. Offending, employment and benefits: findings from the data linkage project
  9. Family resources survey: estimates of private pension participation rates, 1999/2000 to 2009/2010
  10. Child poverty in workless families
  11. Employment and Support Allowance claimants
  12. DLA award values and evidence use for new claims in 2010
  13. Work Experience participant outcomes 2011
  14. Disability Employment Programme Performance: 2010/11
  15. Disability employment programme performance 2010/11 tables
  16. Out of work benefit claimants: savings and work status
  17. Single adults sharing 1 bedroom properties
  18. Occupational pension membership: 2011
  19. Degree qualified or not qualified by sensory impairment
  20. Employment rates and qualifications by sensory impairments for disabled people
  21. Lone parent JSA claim durations by local authority July 2011
Published 13 December 2011