Academy sponsorship

Documents for new and existing academy sponsors.

Information on how to become an academy sponsor and the government funding available to sponsor a school.

Sponsors are responsible for the performance and finances of their school, setting up the academy trust, selecting the governing body and recruiting the headteacher.


  1. Sponsor an academy

    • 25 June 2015
    • Detailed guide

Potential sponsors should submit the sponsor application form by email to the sponsor relationship and development division, to be assessed by our panel.

  1. Academy sponsor application form

    • 23 July 2014
    • Form

The financial aspects of sponsoring an academy are fully explained in this funding guidance for sponsors.

  1. Sponsored academies funding: guidance for sponsors

    • 14 February 2014
    • Guidance

Academy sponsors

This list provides contact details for active academy sponsors by region; some sponsors operate across the country.

  1. Academy sponsor contact list

    • 21 May 2015
    • Transparency data