Case study

Modernising Alderney's systems

Land Registry international helped the States of Alderney implement a computerised registration system to replace their paper-based one.

Modern Alderney's systems

The States of Alderney (Channel Islands) had been using a paper-based system to process applications, plans and maps since 1949.

The system relied very much on the expertise of their experienced staff rather than inherent systems.

In 1998, we were invited by officials of Alderney to review and modernise this system. Our multi-disciplined project team re-examined every separate land title, creating and introducing new computerised registers in a modernised format, with digital title plans and index maps for the whole of the island.

As a result of our work, new procedures, rules and supporting procedural guides were produced. They also introduced customer leaflets and forms, a new fee structure and systems for users.

As part of our continuing support, in 2011, the States of Alderney asked us to help improve and upgrade their land registration system with new enhancements to allow the Court of Alderney to email the register extract, index map and other important documents directly to their customers.

Published 14 August 2014