Case study

Community learning woodworking course leads Keith into higher education

Keith describes how a Community Learning woodworking course boosted his confidence and put him on the pathway into higher education.

Keith working on a picture frame

Keith working on a picture frame

Keith found that the course helped him to recover from depression, as well as develop new skills which have subsequently led to a passion for woodwork.

I remember thinking, I don’t get down any more like I used to; those things that used to be significant aren’t any more. I am working much more now than I was then. I feel so much better.

Keith talking about his community learning course

This video is from the research report ‘Community learning: learner survey - after 2 years

Community Learning

Community Learning (CL) describes classes and other learning activities delivered by Local Authority adult education services, further education colleges and other learning providers. To be supported by public funding, they must meet national objectives.

These courses bring together adults of different ages and backgrounds to develop a skill, pursue an interest, prepare for progression to other courses or learn how to support their children more confidently. The learning often benefits families and the wider community, as well as the individual people who take part.

In 2014 to 2015, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is supporting community learning with a contribution of £210 million through the Community Learning budget.

Published 6 June 2014