This travel advice covers the Cook Islands and Niue, which are self-governing countries in free association with New Zealand, and Tokelau, which is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand.

COVID-19 entry restrictions for Cook Islands, Tokelau and Niue

Before you travel, check the ‘Entry requirements’ section for the Cook Islands, Tokelau and Niue’s current entry restrictions and requirements. These may change with little warning. Monitor this advice for the latest updates and stay in contact with your travel provider.

Travelling from and returning to the UK

Check what you must do to travel abroad and return to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

If you plan to pass through another country to return to the UK, check the travel advice for the country you’re transiting.

If you’re planning travel to the Cook Islands, find out what you need to know about coronavirus there in the Coronavirus section.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to get travel insurance and check it provides sufficient cover. See the FCDO guidance on foreign travel insurance.

For information about COVID-19 vaccines, see the Coronavirus page.

There is no British representation on the Cook Islands, or the islands of Niue or Tokelau. You should contact the New Zealand High Commission if you need consular assistance on the Cook Islands or Niue. If you need consular assistance on Tokelau, contact the British High Commission in Wellington.

If you need urgent consular assistance, 24/7 support is available by telephone on +64 (0) 4 924 2888.

The South Pacific cyclone season begins on 1 November and runs until 30 April each year. Each cyclone season, a number of severe storms can be expected across the regions. You should monitor local and international weather reports to keep up to date with developments. See Natural disasters

The crime rate is low but you should take the same precautions as you would at home. See Crime

There have been ferry accidents in the Pacific resulting in a number of fatalities. The safety standards you might expect of transport operators in the UK may not be replicated in the Pacific. See Sea travel

Although there’s no recent history of terrorism in the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue, attacks can not be ruled out. See Terrorism