The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to the Central African Republic (CAR).

British nationals should leave now if practical means are available, if it is safe to do so, and if a safe destination is available. Those who remain should take all precautions and maintain sufficient stocks of food and water. Those who remain or visit against our advice should be aware that the FCO is not able to provide consular services nor organise or assist your evacuation from the country. If the situation deteriorates further, leaving the country by commercial means will become increasingly difficult. Flights out of Bangui are limited. See Local Travel.

There is no British Embassy in the CAR. There is an Honorary Consul in Bangui, but given the current security situation he is not able to offer consular assistance. See Consular assistance

Tensions are high in Bangui and across the country. There has been an increase in violence following an armed attack on a church and subsequent retaliation attacks. There are armed patrols that have set up several roadblocks across the country. Reports of violence, reprisal killings, looting and human rights abuses continue across the country.

On 7 October 2014 there was a violent demonstration in front of the UN Peacekeeping Operation’s (MINUSCA) Military Headquarters in central Bangui.

In January 2015, there have been a number of kidnappings of government ministers and humanitarian and UN workers.

There is an underlying threat from terrorism. See Terrorism

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.