Get a faster reply to your visa application

You may be able to get a decision on your visa within 10 working days if you’ve sent your application by post and the payment has cleared.

If you’re applying for limited leave to remain (using Tier 4 or FLR forms for example) then you won’t be able to get a faster reply using this service.

You can also use this service to apply for a biometric residence permit (BRP) if you’re settled in the UK with no time limit.

Who can apply

You can get a faster reply if you applied from within the UK and used one of the following forms:

  • SET (AF)
  • SET (F)
  • SET (LR)
  • SET (M)

SET (O) form

There are specific rules about getting a faster reply if you applied using the SET (O) form.

You can get a faster reply if you used the SET (O) form and both of the following are true:

  • your case isn’t covered by immigration rules
  • you applied to settle in the UK after completing 6 years discretionary leave granted under the transitional arrangement.

You can’t get a faster reply if your case isn’t covered by immigration rules for another reason, or you’re:

  • a Tier 1 (Investor)
  • a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)
  • a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)
  • a self-employed lawyer
  • a seaman
  • a Gurkha
  • a Turkish business person
  • an elderly dependant


You must pay £477 per person, in addition to the application fee you’ve already paid.

How to apply

Download and fill in the request and payment forms.

Send them to the email address on the request form.

What happens next

Only the first 5 requests received each day between 8am and midday (Mondays to Thursdays only) are accepted.

You’ll get an email by 5pm the same day if you’ve been accepted.

If you’re accepted for the faster service

You must give your fingerprints and photo (biometric information) if you haven’t already done this.

You’ll be told if your application will take longer than 10 working days. This could happen if:

  • extra checks are needed
  • you need to go to a premium service centre in person

Getting your documents back

Your documents and BRP will be sent to you separately within 7 to 10 days. You’ll need to sign for them.