42 calls

Which Are


  1. Rural Development Progamme: Food Processing
  2. Rural Development Progamme: Rural Tourism Infrastructure
  3. Rural Development Progamme: Business Development
  4. Access to Employment: Get in to Employment project call in Solent LEP (OC29S19P1687)
  5. Access to Employment : project call in The Marches LEP (OC36S19P1701)
  6. Access to Employment: Digital Skills for the Unemployed project call in Enterprise M3 LEP (OC10S19P1686)
  7. Access to Employment: D2N2 Healthy Work (OC08S191690)
  8. Leeds City Region – Digital Skills Programme (OC20S19P1691)
  9. Leeds City Region – Basic Skills Programme (OC20S19P1692)
  10. Engaging Employers – a Game Changer for Careers Education and Support (OC07S19P1693)
  11. D2N2 – Leadership and management training for SMEs (OC08S19P1678)
  12. D2N2 STEM Skills (OC08S19P1656)
  13. Ex-offender Pilot Programme – Leeds City Region (OC20S19P1652)
  14. Social Inclusion Pathways to Better Engagement (OC14S19P1644)
  15. Skills for the Future of your Workforce (OC04S19P1648)
  16. IP1.4 - Inclusive Economy – Liverpool City Region (OC22S19P1650)
  17. New Anglia Careers Hub Call (OC24S19P1653)
  18. The Apprenticeship Hub, York, North Yorkshire and East Riding - OC39S19P1651
  19. Gang and Knife Crime Prevention Programme – OC20S19P1649
  20. D2N2 Active Inclusion Programme - multiple and complex needs - OC08S19P1647
  21. Skills for the Mature Workforce – OC04S19P1598
  22. Bespoke Skills Service - OC39S19P1645
  23. Enabling SME’s to engage in Technical Education (OC19S19P1599 )
  24. Digital Transformation and Upskilling in the Coast to Capital LEP Area - OC04S19P1587
  25. Access to Employment: project call in D2N2 LEP (OC08S191506)
  26. Industry Specialist Teaching Programme and Knowledge Exchange - OC35S19P1562
  27. NEET Prevention and Reduction - Cumbria (OC07S19P1534)
  28. Apprenticeship Care Programme Pilot – Leeds City Region (OC20S19P1537)
  29. Apprenticeships Support for Employers in New Anglia (OC24S19P1531)
  30. IP2.1 D2N2 Fuller Working Lives (OC08S19P1532)
  31. Leicester and Leicestershire Digital Skills (OC21S19P1516 )
  32. Leicester and Leicestershire Employment Hub (OC21S19P1512)
  33. LLEP Sector Skills for Productivity (OC21S19P1517)
  34. Sector Skills Development in New Anglia (OC24S19P1527)
  35. Inclusive Labour Markets – North East Region (OC25S19P1510)
  36. Over 50’s Support Programme – Leeds City Region (OC20S19P1504)
  37. Unemployed Support and Employability Skills Call in Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP OC12S19P1505
  38. Intensive Support for Young People with Additional Needs who are not in Education, Employment or Training (OC08S19P1515)
  39. Higher Level Skills in Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP area (OC12S19P1507)
  40. Digital Skills (OC39S19P1496)
  41. Sustainable Urban Development (SME Competitiveness, Climate Change and Environment): call in Leeds City Region (OC20R19S 1042)
  42. Sustainable Transport call: in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (OC05R19P 1044)