Reservists will be sent a ‘call-out notice’ if they’re needed for full-time service. This is known as ‘mobilisation’.

You must answer your call-out notice - the letter will tell you what to do.

In most cases, reservists get 28 days’ notice, but they could get less if they’re needed urgently.

As a reservist, you should tell your employer as soon as possible when you know you’re being mobilised. Employers will also be sent a pack about their rights and responsibilities.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance is available for both reservists and employers.

Reservists’ rights

Employers can be fined in court and made to pay compensation if they end a reservist’s employment because of mobilisation.

After service, reservists have a right to return to the same job.

Apply to delay or cancel mobilisation

You can apply to delay or cancel mobilisation:

  • as a reservist, if you’re called up at a difficult time (for example, you’re caring for someone or you’re in full-time education)
  • as an employer, if it would seriously harm your business (for example, by causing financial harm or making it difficult to produce goods or provide services)

You can apply to:

  • defer mobilisation for up to a year - you’ll get a new date to report for duty
  • get an exemption for a year or more - you will not be called out again until it expires
  • cancel (revoke) mobilisation if you’ve already been mobilised

Deadline for applying

Reservists and employers must apply within 7 days of getting the call-out notice. If you miss this deadline, you’ll have to get permission from the adjudication officer to make a late application.

If your application is unsuccessful you can appeal.

Who to contact

If you’ve already been mobilised contact your commanding officer.

To apply to delay or cancel mobilisation, contact one of the following:

  • the person named in the notice
  • the adjudication officer at the mobilisation centre
  • the adjudication officer for the service

Apply in writing by email, post or fax.

Royal Navy or Royal Marines\
Telephone: 02392 628 858
Fax: 02392 628 660
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Royal Navy and Royal Marines Adjudication Officer
West Battery (MPG-2)
Whale Island

Army Reserve
Telephone: 0800 389 6585
Fax: 0141 224 2689
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Army Adjudication Officer
Army Personnel Centre
PO Box 26703
G2 8YN

Royal Air Force
Telephone: 01452 712 612 ext 6107
Fax: 01452 510 939
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Adjudication Officer
Royal Air Force Adjudication Service
Imjin Barracks