How the employer is notified

Reservists need to give their employer’s details to their commanding officer. Employers then usually get a letter from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) within 5 weeks of an employee signing up.

MOD does not contact employers in Northern Ireland, but reservists still need to give details of their employer to their commanding officer.

Reservists only have to tell their employer themselves if it’s a condition of their job that they do not take any other work.

When an existing reservist changes jobs

Reservists should tell their commanding officer, who’ll tell the new employer.

Asking MOD not to tell an employer

Reservists can ask MOD not to tell their employer if they have a good reason, for example it would put them at a disadvantage if their employer knew.

Apply to your commanding officer for an ‘employer notification waiver’. The waiver lasts for 12 months, but you can apply to renew it.

If the reservist is called up

In most cases the reservist will get 28 days’ notice when they’re called up (mobilised). They should let their employer know as soon as possible.