Driving under both EU and GB domestic rules

If you work partly under EU/AETR rules and partly under GB domestic rules during a day or a week you need to know the following:

  • driving under EU rules counts towards the driving and duty limits under GB domestic rules
  • on any days you drive under EU rules you must take EU daily rest periods, as well as a weekly rest period
  • you can’t count the time you spend driving under EU rules as an off-duty period under GB domestic rules
  • driving and other duty under GB domestic rules count as ‘attendance at work’, not as a break or rest period under EU rules

Driving limits

You must follow the GB domestic limit of a maximum of 10 hours driving a day. But at any time when you’re actually driving under the EU rules you must follow all the rules on EU driving limits.

Other duty limits

You must follow the GB domestic limit of a maximum of 11 hours on duty.

Rest periods and breaks

You must follow the EU rules on rest periods and breaks on days and weeks when you drive under EU rules.

You don’t need to take a weekly rest period in a fixed week where you don’t drive under EU rules.

A fixed week is from 00:00 hours on Monday to 24:00 hours the next Sunday.

Read Goods vehicles: rules on drivers’ hours and tachographs for the main rules.

Read the rules for drivers’ hours in the recovery vehicle industry.