Drink-drive rehabilitation courses

How the course works

The course aims to stop you from drink-driving again. They:

  • are face-to-face
  • take place over 16 hours (usually run on 3 days spread over 3 weeks)
  • will have other drink-drive offenders at them

The course syllabus tells you more about what’s covered during the course.

After the course

You’ll get a ‘certificate of course completion’ from the course provider when you complete the course. They’ll also send a copy to the court that sentenced you.

The court will tell DVLA so that your driving ban is reduced.

Your driving ban will not be reduced if you do not complete the course or do not pay for your course.

If you’re a ‘high risk offender’

You need to reapply for a driving licence and take a medical if you’re classified as a ‘high risk offender’. Check with your course provider if you’re not sure if you are.