Dispose of business or commercial waste

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Waste transfer notes

For each load of non-hazardous waste you move off your premises, you need a waste transfer note or a document with the same information, such as an invoice.

You can download a waste transfer note. If you fill in the waste transfer note on screen, make sure you print it and sign it.

Your business and the business taking your waste both need to:

  1. Fill in the sections of the waste transfer note that apply to you.

  2. Sign it.

  3. Keep a copy for 2 years.

  4. Show it to an enforcement officer from your local council or the Environment Agency if asked.

You must include enough information to help the business taking your waste to handle and dispose of it safely.

Season tickets

You can use a season ticket to cover multiple transfers of non-hazardous waste over a period of up to a year. This is sometimes called an ‘annual waste transfer note’.

You can make your own season ticket by recording:

  • the current holder of the waste
  • the waste carrier
  • the type of waste

All of these must stay the same for the duration of the season ticket. If any of these details change, you must use a new season ticket or single waste transfer note.

You can record the site where the transfers take place on the season ticket, if that will be the same for each transfer.

You will also need to keep a separate document that lists details of each transfer. This separate document is known as a ‘schedule’.

Filling in the schedule

The schedule must include the following details of each waste transfer:

  • date
  • time
  • quantity of waste - for example, number of sacks
  • site where the transfer takes place, if waste will be collected at different sites or if you did not include it on the season ticket

You can record these details on a spreadsheet, or as part of your invoicing or weighbridge records.

You must keep your season ticket and schedule for 2 years after the last waste transfer.

Get help with season tickets

If you need help with your season ticket, contact the centre for your region.