The Property, Trusts and Probate List

What we do

This list covers a large amount of Chancery work which is separate from the Business List. It includes the following types of work:


  • landlord and tenant residential
  • landlord and tenant commercial
  • trespass/squatters
  • mortgages
  • land registry
  • land – including title, easements, restrictive covenants
  • orders for sale to enforce charging orders
  • Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA)


  • variation of trusts
  • removal of trustees
  • claims against trustees for breach of trust
  • issues of construction/rectification
  • trustees/personal representatives seeking directions including Beddoe applications (a type of application made by trustees)
  • disputes about trust property
  • applications for prospective costs order (deciding costs issues in advance)
  • charities
  • applications for administration order (appointing a person to manage a company that is in financial difficulty)


  • inheritance disputes (known as contentious probate claims)
  • rectification of wills (cases against the way a solicitor has prepared a will)
  • substitution or removal of personal representatives
  • cases involving the Inheritance Act
  • cases involving the Presumption of Death Act

Cases are started in the Chancery Division.

Who we are

We are a specialist court within the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice.

We are based at the Rolls Building in London. Cases in the Property, Trusts and Probate List are managed by the Chancery Masters and heard by the Chancery Division judges.

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