Fake and misleading online reviews

The CMA has urged Facebook and eBay to act to stop the sale of fake reviews through their sites.

Launch of work programme

21 June 2019: The CMA has launched a programme of work aimed at tackling fake and misleading online reviews.

As a first step, the CMA has written to Facebook and eBay this week urging them to conduct an urgent review of their sites to prevent fake and misleading online reviews from being bought and sold. Both companies have indicated that they will cooperate with the CMA.

The CMA is not alleging that Facebook or eBay are intentionally allowing this content to appear on their websites.

This work builds on previous action in this area to protect shoppers from misleading information.


The CMA would be interested in hearing from businesses that have been offered fake review services. They can share their experiences by emailing onlinereviews@cma.gov.uk.

Please note that the CMA will not intervene in individual disputes and cannot enter into correspondence with you.

Use of information submitted by respondents

In the course of collecting this information, The CMA may process personal data for the purposes of carrying out consumer functions given by law. When the CMA processes personal data, it follows data protection law. The CMA will securely delete your personal data when it no longer needs it for your work.

More information on how the CMA processes personal data, including your rights and how to complain please see our privacy notice below:

Assistant Director

Sarah Fox (sarah.fox@cma.gov.uk)


Jon Riley (jon.riley@cma.gov.uk)

Senior Responsible Officer

George Lusty (george.lusty@cma.gov.uk)

Published 21 June 2019