Children's homes and other accommodation

Securing a place. Regulations and quality standards, inspections framework, children's privacy and confidentiality.

  1. Children Act 1989: former looked-after children in custody

    Statutory guidance for local authorities on children who lose their looked-after status when remanded or sentenced to custody.

  2. Children who run away or go missing from home or care

    Statutory guidance for local authorities and their partners to stop children going missing and to protect those who do.

  3. Children's home: do you need to register?

    What you need to know about registering with Ofsted if you want to open or manage a children's home.

  4. Children’s homes regulations amendments 2014

    Departmental advice for children’s homes providers and their partners following amendments to the Children’s Homes Regulations 2001.

  5. Children’s homes regulations, including quality standards: guide

    Guidance for those providing residential children’s homes for vulnerable children.

  6. Children's homes: England, May 2013

    A map showing the locations of children's care homes in England as of May 2013.

  7. Children's homes: inspection documents

    For inspection from 1 April 2017. Annex A and inspection guidance for secure children's homes.

  8. Children’s homes: procedure for disclosing names and addresses

    A guide to the use, storage and sharing of information about children in care homes.

  9. Children's social care providers: variation fees

    Variation fees for children’s social care services.

  10. Independent reviewing officers' handbook: young people's guide

    A guide to help young people living in children’s homes or foster care understand the 'Independent reviewing officers handbook'.

  11. Placement of looked-after children in EU member states

    Guidance for local authorities asked to place a child from EU member states into a children's home or with a foster carer.

  12. Registration of healthcare at children's homes

    What children’s settings will need to register, and how Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will manage this registration process.

  13. Residential family centres: inspection documents

    For inspection from 1 April 2017. Annex A for residential family centre inspections.

  14. Residential family centres: national minimum standards

    The national minimum standards that apply to residential family centres.

  15. Secure children’s homes: how to place a child aged under 13

    What local authorities need to do to place a child under 13 in a secure children’s home, and guidance on when it is appropriate to do so.

  16. Securing sufficient accommodation for looked-after children

    Statutory guidance on securing sufficient accomodation and access to services for looked-after children.

  17. Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): children’s homes, including secure children’s homes

    Guidance about how children’s homes, including secure children’s homes, are inspected.

  18. Statistics: secure children’s homes

    Statistics on secure children’s homes, including the number of children they accommodate as of 31 March each year.