Children's homes and other accommodation

Securing a place. Regulations and quality standards, inspections framework, children's privacy and confidentiality.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Children’s homes regulations, including quality standards: guide
  2. Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): children’s homes, including secure children’s homes
  3. Children's home: do you need to register?
  4. Children who run away or go missing from home or care
  5. Secure children’s homes: how to place a child aged under 13
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News and communications

  1. Chair of Residential Care Leadership Board appointed
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Research and statistics

  1. Children accommodated in secure children's homes: 31 March 2018
  2. Social care questionnaires 2017: what children and young people told Ofsted
  3. Children’s homes research: the impact of standards on staff
  4. Belhaven residential care project
  5. Children accommodated in secure children's homes: 31 March 2017
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