Accounts for children in care

Some children looked after by local authorities have a Child Trust Fund account set up on their behalf. The Share Foundation acts as the registered contact for these accounts.

How the account is managed

The Share Foundation manages the Child Trust Fund account for the child and will:

  • write to the child when they take control of the account
  • change the type of Child Trust Fund account and provider if necessary and write to the child to explain why the change was made
  • send account statements to the child

They’ll manage the account until:

  • the child turns 18
  • the child turns 16 and decides to manage the account themselves
  • someone takes parental responsibility for the child, for example through adoption

Take over the management of an account

Contact the Share Foundation if you’re taking parental responsibility for a child and want to manage their Child Trust Fund account.

The Share Foundation can only help if you are a parent of a child who was in care. If you have any other questions about a Child Trust Fund, you should contact the provider of your fund.

You’ll need to provide evidence of parental responsibility, for example an adoption certificate.

You’ll get a letter confirming that you can take over responsibility for the account. Show this to the Child Trust Fund provider who can update the account to say you’re the registered contact.

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When a child in care turns 16

The Share Foundation will write to the child about 2 months before their 16th birthday, telling them how to become the registered contact for the account.

If they choose to take control of the account, they can:

  • start managing it when they turn 16
  • withdraw money when they turn 18