Find a Child Trust Fund

Contact your Child Trust Fund provider directly if you know who the account is with.

If you do not know the provider, you can ask your parent or guardian.

You can also ask HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to find a Child Trust Fund. They can tell you where the account was originally opened.

Ask HMRC to find a Child Trust Fund

Use this tool to find out how to ask HMRC to find a Child Trust Fund.

You can ask HMRC if you’re:

  • a parent or guardian of a child under 18
  • 16 or over and looking for your own trust fund

Start now

There are other free services you can use to find a Child Trust Fund provider, such as the Share Foundation.

What you need to know

You’ll be asked for your National Insurance number. You’ll also need your adoption details if they apply.

If you’re a parent or guardian looking for a child’s trust fund, you’ll need:

  • the child’s full name, address and date of birth
  • any previous names you or the child have used

You can include the child’s National Insurance number if you have it.

What happens next

You’ll get a letter from HMRC with details of the Child Trust Fund provider. You’ll usually get this within 3 weeks of HMRC getting your request.

If you do not get a response within 3 weeks, you can write to HMRC. Include your reference number if you have one.

Write to:

Charities, Savings and International 1